Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Holly Palmer - Different Languages (1997)

Holly Palmer was signed to a major label, Reprise, in 1997 and released her self-titled debut, which was folk-rock meets soul-funk (and I plan on getting it soon). This track was from that album and remixed for the dance clubs, but with little fanfare. It also contains the track "All I Really Wanna Do" from the Party Of Five soundtrack. She has independently released several promising albums since that explore different sounds, and had a dance club hit in 2003 with a remix of the trip-hoppy "Just So You Know". A contender for the Isle once I get her debut!

Download Different Languages

Different Languages (Album Version)
Different Languages (Phonetics Mix)
Different Languages (Hasbrouck Heights Club Mix)
All I Really Wanna Do (Album Version)
Different Languages (Club Mix)
Different Languages (Sign Language Mix)


  1. I love your blog! I don't want to look like a freeloader or anything, but could you please re-upload these?

  2. Hello, my friend, amazing site ... I was wondering if you could upload again ... Thanking you in advance. Morgan


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