Friday, February 1, 2013

Liz Torres - Out Of My Life (1988)

Words cannot express how much I love Liz Torres, the queen of house.  Her sass and sensuality cannot be matched.  I featured her (unfortunately) one and only solo album The Queen Is In The House on the Isle, and this is one of the singles she released the year previous to the album's release.  It really should have been on the album, as it is one of her best.  Like most of her album, it was produced by Jessie Jones, and it was released on the small Chicago label Streetside.  Enjoy, especially the super-sassy "Don't Fuck With Me" mix. ;)

Download Out Of My Life

1 Out Of My Life (Don't Mess With Me)
2 Out Of My Life (Under Ground Mix)
3 Don't Fuck With Me (Mix)
4 Out Of My Life (Dub)


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