Thursday, June 30, 2016

She Moves - It's Your Love (1998)

Here are some big gay remixes just in time for Toronto Pride! lol  I featured pop trio She Moves on the Isle many years ago, and finally got to ripping the remixes of their remake of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's country hit "It's Your Love".  I had never heard that version before the She Moves version, and it was the ladies' version that I fell in love with.  Their version managed to reach #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. I must admit, I am not really a fan of these house remixes, but if I had to choose, I'd say that the original producers of the song, the Berman Brothers, provided the best remix.  The Love To Infinity mixes are too much, IMO, and their Radio Mix is also a ballad, just a watered down version...  But you may disagree, so listen and enjoy.  And happy Pride, wherever you are!

Video for the original version of It's Your Love

Download It's Your Love

1    It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix)
2   It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Cream Horn Mix)
3   It's Your Love (Berman Brothers Dance Mix)
4   It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Banderas - She Sells (1991)

To commemorate the passing of the game changing Brexit in the UK (whether you are in favour or not), here is the remixes of the second single by British female synth-pop duo and Isle postees Banderas  The song itself almost hit the UK Top 40, reaching a frustrating #41.  The remixes are done by electronic rock group Apollo 440 and change the song up considerably, increasing the tempo and adding harder techno and house flourishes.  Much better than the original, IMO.

Here is the video for the original She Sells

Download She Sells

1 She Sells (Apollo 440 Edit)
2 She Sells (Digital Hardcore Mix)
3 She Sells (Alternative 7" Mix)
4 Why Aren't You In Love With Me?

Friday, June 17, 2016

Anna G - G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (1990)

So, I FINALLY got to thinking about ripping something for this blog again, and this release was at the top of a pile. I figured a song as trashily delicious as this, a sort of euro-house/acid house hybrid, was perfect.  I had tried to find info on Anna G many years ago and came up empty. However, as I was ripping the record this past weekend, I realized that the lady on the cover looked oddly familiar.  Then I considered the name.  It finally occurred to me that Anna G is British beauty Anna Garcia!  I had never heard of Anna Garcia until recently, due to the unfortunate passing of my idol Prince. She was mentioned in an article about attendees of his memorial.  Apparently she dated and lived with him in the late 1980s, and he gave her the name Anna Fantastic. I immediately scoured the internet to find more info about her, shocked that I had never heard of her, considering how obsessed I was with all of Prince's 'women' as a young'un.  I found her on Facebook and saw a brief video clip she posted with her version of Isle postee Carmen Electra's amazing "Fantasia Erotica", shocked to discover that she co-wrote and recorded it first for a proposed female trio also called Anna Fantastic.  Further research revealed that she later joined another female group called La Switch, who released a couple of singles in 1995, "Kiss Me Baby" and "Never Let You Go!", and the dance music collective Positive Connextion.  It also revealed that in 1988 she had released a song, before she met Prince, using the moniker Sheree, the Italo-dance hit "Ronnie - Talk To Russia!", which I was already familiar with.  Even more bizarre, it was not a remake of the Prince track of the same name from his Controversy album, despite the fact that the title is so unique and political.  Perhaps it was somehow responsible for their introduction...  Anyway, I immediately became obsessed with her, regretting that I hadn't heard of her sooner, but thankful to Prince for once again introducing me to a beautiful and mysterious muse, just like he did in my tender years.  (She now occasionally still records - she released a jazz album in 2011 - and is a realtor in Beverly Hills. And still looks fabulous.) Fast forward to this past Saturday.  After ripping the record and relaying this whole story to my boyfriend, I check my Facebook the next day, and who do I get a Facebook friend invitation from but Anna Garcia herself?!  Bizarre coincidence, or divine Princely intervention?  Who knows?  But please enjoy. ;)

Download G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?)

1 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Energy Mix)
2 G'Ding - G'Ding (Beats & Trumpet)
3 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Raw Mix)
4 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Wicked Mix)

Friday, June 26, 2015

2 Girls - Talk About Rockin' (1990)

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of this rip.  The record is incredibly scratched, so the tracks are very scratchy.  I tried to 'clean' them, but it made no difference.  If anyone else can properly clean them, and can send them back to me to repost, I'd appreciate it.  But I had to post this fun hip-house rarity anyway.  2 Girls were Brooklyn based Lissette Der and Cindy Patanella, who met while attending the American Musical & Dramatic Academy.  They were signed to Capitol, but after the single failed to hit, they were dropped and recorded nothing else. But at least they left behind this fun and bouncy hip hop ditty, which revolves around a sample from Weeks & Co.s "Rock Your World", and which features electro edits by the famous Omar Santana.

Download Talk About Rockin'

1 Talk About Rockin' (Extended Radio)
2 Talk About Rockin' (Get Wild Beats)
3 Talk About Rockin' (Radio)
4 Talk About Rockin' (R&B / Hip-House)
5 Talk About Rockin' (Oh Oh's Talking About Edits)
6 Talk About Rockin' (Perca Edits)

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Zummos - An Obsession (Over You) (1985)

I just did a post on the Zummos on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars, so head over there for more info.  All I need to say here is that this was their only single, a fun dance-pop number, and it was David Morales' first major remix.  Enjoy!

Download An Obsession (Over You)

1 An Obsession (Over You) (Remixed Version)
2 An Obsession (Over You) (Dub Version)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Genuine Parts - I Don't Care For You (1987)

"I Don't Care For You" was the second single from freestyle act Genuine Parts, an act created by freestyle great Avy Gonzalez. Initially the act consisted of a duo of lovely ladies, Ivette and Diley. They released "Did It Feel Like Love" in 1986 and it became an instant freestyle classic. It even got them a deal with Atlantic Records. Despite its success, the two ladies were exchanged with a couple other singers, and a backup band was also included as part of the act.  "I Don't Care For You" and their other two singles, "Show Me (What To Do)" and "Start Our Love Again", were not as successful, and the band broke up.  I love this song, though it lacks the upbeat Latin tinge of "Did It Feel Like Love".

Download I Don't Care For You

1 I Don't Care For You (Club Mix)
2 I Don't Care For You (Radio Mix)
3 Give Me A Break (Dub)
4 I Don't Care For You (Original Mix)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gabriella ‎– Bottom Line (1987)

I adore this track, and wish Gabriella had released more music.  I have no idea who exactly she is, so perhaps she did record music under another name.  Whatever the case, the song was produced in part by Lonnie Simmons, the man behind Total Experience Records, whose biggest acts were The Gap Band and Yarbrough & Peoples.  If you like the electro-funk of those groups, you'll love this track, though many also consider it a freestyle track.  Whatever it is classified, it is a classic!

Download Bottom Line

1 Bottom Line (Rock Bottom Mix)
2 Bottom Line (Radio Mix)
3 Bottom Line (Bonus Beat Box Mix)
4 Bottom Line (Instrumental)
5 Bottom Line (Acappella, Acappella)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Alta Dustin - One Man Woman (1989)

Here is another artist whose album I featured on The Isle. This single is one of two she released prior to her album. Both this and "Tonite" were much more freestyle than most of the songs on the album, and unfortunately were not included.  Both were also produced by Tony Green, who worked closely with another Isle postee, Cindy Valentine.  Given that Alta later proudly came out, I wonder what she thinks of this track now, as she is no man's woman, and good on her! ;)

Download One Man Woman

1 One Man Woman (Clam Mix)
2 One Man Woman (7" Version)
3 One Man Woman (Clam Dub)
4 One Man Woman (Clam Edit)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spunkadelic - Boomerang (1990)

Here is a 12" I ripped awhile ago but forgot to post.  It is the second single from Spunkadelic's only album Spunk Junk, which I posted on The Isle.  It made a bigger splash than the first single off of the album, just denting the R&B charts in the US, though it is the best song on the album, IMO.  If you love pop-house, this is one for you.

Here is the video.

Download Boomerang

1 Boomerang (12" Boomer Beat)
2 Boomerang (12" Percapella)
3 Boomerang (7" Club)
4 Boomerang (Mega Bass Dub)
5 Boomerang (Club Instrumental)
6 Boomerang (7" Radio)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Stacy Earl - Love Me All Up (1991)

I also featured pop starlet Stacy Earl many years ago on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. This was her first single, and it ended up hitting #26 on the Billboard Hot 100.  It was followed with her biggest hit, "Romeo And Juliet", which hit the top ten.  But this is my fave Stacy track, and it's made even sweeter here with house mixes by the legendary remixers Winston Jones and David Shaw.

Download Love Me All Up

1 Love Me All Up (Extended Dance Mix)
2 Love Me All Up (Percappella)
3 Love Me All Up (Bassappella)
4 Love Me All Up (Dub Version)
5 Love Me All Up (7" Mix)

Lady Peachena - Save Me (1986)

I remember picking this track up brand new back in the day simply because of the artist name.  LOL Little did I know it was a super-soulful, upbeat dance workout.  Needless to say, I was very pleased.  Only after I researched the artist recently did I realize that the song was a gospel tune, however. It seems obvious now...  Anyway, Lady Peachena is Peachena Eure from New York, who previously worked with P-funk group Quazar.  After that she turned to gospel music, and "Save Me" deservedly ended up breaking into the dance charts in the secular world after being remixed by George Rodriguez.  It was off of her album Sincerely Yours, and she has kept recording and performing gospel since.

Download Save Me

1 Save Me (Vocal / Dance Mix)
2 Save Me (Dub Version)
3 Save Me (A Capella Version)
4 Save Me (A Capella With Big Bonus Beats)

Lola - Wax The Van (1987)

When digging through my records I came across this gem.  I had no idea I owned this and had never seen or heard it before!  But what a strange treat!  Lola is soul singer Lola Blank, with assistance from 'mutant-disco' legends Arthur Russell (Loose Joints) and her husband Bob Blank (Aural Exciters).  This track keeps up that mutant-disco vibe with a very odd yet horribly catchy club jam.  They released two more tracks as Lola - "I Need More" and "Work It".  I'm so glad I unearthed this unknown treasure in my collection!

Download Wax The Van

1 Wax The Van (Kenny's Club Version)
2 Wax The Van (Cherry's Club)
3 Wax The Van (Radio Edit)
4 Wax The Van (Jon's Dub)

Apollonia - Mismatch (1989)

And once again I went away for some time.  My only excuse is that I never found the time to rip vinyl - until now.  And I'm going to give you a bunch this time!  The first is one of the four singles released off of Apollonia's only album, which I featured on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars many years ago.  It's another dance pop gem, given some sassy house mixes.  And it also features the rare non-album track 'You Can't Win'.  Download this and you can!

Download Mismatch

1 Mismatch (Hand In Glove Mix)
2 Mismatch (Reflective Mix)
3 Mismatch (Motor City Mix)
4 You Can't Win

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maureen - Don't Fight The Music (1989)

Hi!  I know, it's been too long.  But here is a record I ripped awhile back and forgot to post.  I featured Maureen Walsh's only album on the Isle in 2009 and mentioned this, her first ever solo single.  Well, here it is, a brilliant house slammer for you to enjoy. :)

Download Don't Fight The Music

1 Don't Fight The Music (Don't Fight Mix)
2 Don't Fight The Music (Vocal Club Mix)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Kristin Baio ‎– Don't Turn Your Back On Love (1988)

Here's a fun freestyle track that is most notable for being co-written by Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars fave Cindy Valentine.  Cindy finally released her own version on her 2009 rarities compilation Speak Your Mind.  The song was likely planned for her second album but Kristin released it instead.  Kristin only released one other single, "Keep On Runnin'," in 1992.

Download Don't Turn Your Back On Love

1 Don't Turn Your Back On Love (Club Mix)
2 Don't Turn Your Back On Love (Dub Mix)
3 Don't Turn Your Back On Love (Kristin's House Party)
4 Don't Turn Your Back On Love (Kristin's Groove)

Friday, May 23, 2014

S.I.N Featuring Claudja Barry - Good Time (1990)

S.I.N, which stood for Strength In Numbers, was essentially Jamaican/Canadian singer (and personal fave) Claudja Barry and her husband and life-long producer, German/American Jürgen S. Korduletsch.  The two had great success, from her first album in 1975, Sweet Dynamite, through to her last album in 1987, I, Claudja, including dance hits like "Love For The Sake Of Love", Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes", "Dancin' Fever", "Radio Action", "Work Me Over", "Trippin' On The Moon" and "Down And Counting".  "Good Time" was their first single of the 1990s, and their first foray into house music.  It was a minor dance hit, and is a real treat. They released one other track as S.I.N, "Jump To The Rhythm", in 1992.  Luckily Claudja is still recording, with her last release being, coincidentally, "Good Time Girl" in 2010.

Download Good Time

1 Good Time (Original Mix) (Voice Of The S.I.N. Mix)
2 Good Time (Prime Dub) (S.I.N. Is In The House)
3 Good Time (Party Mix) (Sax'n S.I.N. Mix)

The Reynolds Girls - Get Real (1989)

Liverpudlian sisters Linda and Aisling Reynolds has a huge hit in the UK in 1989 with the divisive "I'd Rather Jack", a Stock, Aitken & Waterman produced song that criticized the stuffy old music critics and DJs who snubbed the current pop music.  Despite its hit status, the girls were dropped from the PWL label, likely due to the contempt the single generated.  They quickly formed their own label and released "Get Real", a similarly poppy house track.  It was a total bomb and the girls disappeared, though sister Linda eventually had a brief stint in a truly horrible euro-house band, Hype.  I think "Get Real" should have been a hit too, however.

Download Get Real

1 Get Real
2 Get Real (Hip House Radio Edit)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Nancy Martinez ‎– Crazy Love (1986)

I recently posted a mega-post on Nancy Martinez on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars, and thought I would share one of her lesser-known singles.  "Crazy Love" was produced by Lost Pop Treasures fave Teneen Ali, and co-produced by John Morales and Sergio Munzibai (who also worked with Isle postees Denise Lopez, Candi, and Carrie McDowell, among other bigger pop acts). It was much more pop-oriented than her previous work and was not a hit.  But it's definitely a fun pop track!

Download Crazy Love

1 Crazy Love (Extended Mix)
2 Crazy Love (Dub Mix)
3 Crazy Love (Instrumental)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rosa Korbet ‎– Love On The Run (1989)

Here is another Canadian Hi-NRG production by a man who has appeared quite a bit on Lost Pop Treasures, Vincent Degiorgio.  It has an upbeat pop vocal with a lot of percussion.  As for Rosa Korbet, I know nothing about her other than that she appeared in a small role in a movie called Fireballs, and this was her only single.  I remember seeing her perform this on the local Toronto dance show Electric Circus, and think I might have that performance on video somewhere.  Maybe once day I'll post it on Youtube.  Till then, enjoy!

Download Love On The Run

1 Love On The Run (The Bombshell Mix)
2 Love On The Run (The Bombshell Edit)
3 Love On The Run (The Rrrrremix)
4 Love On The Run (The Dubbage Mix)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Voyéur - Hangin' On The Boulevard (1988)

What little I know about Voyéur I just posted on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars along with their album.  But this is the record that made me first notice them.  I loved it at first listen, as it is an amazing upbeat pop-house track, all courtesy of remixer Murray Elias and the best editor ever, Chep Nuñez.  It made me seek out the album, which is quite different.  The album version is included here so you can compare, and if you like it, head on over to the Isle and download their album.

Download Hangin' On The Boulevard

1 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Mix)
2 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Edit)
3 Hangin' On The Boulevard (LP Version)
4 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Dub)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vanilla Mix - Easier Said Than Done (1987)

Here's another track that I don't know much about.  I have it on a double A-Side with Shari's "Stop If You Want My Lovin'", which was the track I originally bought it for, and it was originally released on my fave Canadian freestyle/hi-NRG label Sizzle, and originally mixed by the label head Teneen Ali.  It is an amazing Latin freestyle track with a lovely lead vocal, and haunting backing vocals.  Making it even better is that it was remixed by the amazing Robert Clivilles & David Cole, so while the Club Mix is pure freestyle, the Stardom Club Groove is a house stunner.

Download Easier Said Than Done

1 Easier Said Than Done (Club Mix)
2 Easier Said Than Done (Stardom Groove Club)

Suzie And The Cubans - I Feel It (1987)

Back again, finally. :)  I really don't know much about this track, other than that it was written by German-American dance producer extraordinaire Jurgen Korduletsch, Colombian-American freestyle producer extraordinaire Carlos Berrios and Brazilian-American remixer extraordinaire Tuta Aquino, with the A-Side being produced by Korduletsch and mixed by all three.  It is a classic house number, with "Suzie" repeating the title over a deep house beat and a piano riff.  The Makumba Mix and Double Dub add some chanting vocals repeating "Makumba a oh", which gives it a tribal feel.  However, the standout is the Construction Medley, whose production is credited to William Berrios (Carlos' brother?) and remixed by "The Cubans".  It removes the "Makumba"'s and instead samples bits of classic house songs, too many to mention here, but if you're a true house fan you should know many of them and dig this 10 minute entrancer.

Download I Feel It

1 I Feel It (Makumba Mix)
2 I Feel It (Double Dub)
3 I Feel It (Construction Medley)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Carole Pope - Nothing But A Heartache / I'm Not Blind (1988)

There's really not much I need to tell you about Carole Pope that you can't find on the internet.  Simply put, she's a Canadian icon, originally one half of new wave hit-makers Rough Trade (hits include "High School Confidential" and "Crimes Of Passion") and an ex-lover of Dusty Springfield.  But after leaving Rough Trade, her solo career was very sporadic.  This was her first (and only?) solo single, released independently.  "Nothing But A Heartache", a remake of the Flirtations classic, is a synth-rock song, and "I'm Not Blind" is a lovely ballad.  Seven years later, in 1995, she finally released the mini-album Radiate on her own label Le Petite Mort Records.  She wouldn't release another album, Transcend, until 2005, also on her label.  She also released a collection of remixes of the album the same year, and finally released another album, Landfall, in 2011.  These later albums are much more electro-based and are quite tasty.  You can get them, and other albums, on her website.  But for now enjoy this rarity from a true legend.

Download Nothing But A Heartache / I'm Not Blind

1 Heartache (Repomix)
2 I'm Not Blind (Radio Mix)
3 Heartache (Remix)
4 I'm Not Blind (Acoustic Mix)
5 Heartache (Heat Mix)

Never...But Always - Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (1988)

Well, it took awhile, but I'm back again with a few gems (thanks to Jeremy Kay for putting fire under my ass. LOL).  The first is a synthpop Hi-NRG number by the Canadian duo of brothers Steve & Kevin Dafoe, with some early assistance by Massimo Rosati.  Rosati was a prolific producer of Hi-NRG songs in Canada in the 1980s.  As Never...But Always (formerly known, interestingly, as En Vogue), the duo released three singles: "Never Enough" in 1986, this track in 1988, and "Too Good To Be True" in 1990.  This track was produced by Vincent Degiorgio, who worked with many other acts posted on this blog and the Isle blog, including Kim Esty, Eria Fachin, Fire & Ice, Patrick L. Myles, Pressure Point, Karen Silver and Fausta Monaco. The version of "Tonight" I'm posting was remixed by Barry Harris, then one half of synthpop duo Kon Kan, and later better known a remixer Thunderpuss.  "Tonight" sounds a lot like a Kon Kan song, and is reminiscent of similar synth boy duos of the time like Bros or Blue Mercedes.  It's an amazing dance song.  Enjoy!

Download Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You)

1 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Barry Harris Remix)
2 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Edit)
3 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (Music For Your Feet Mix)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Liz Torres - Out Of My Life (1988)

Words cannot express how much I love Liz Torres, the queen of house.  Her sass and sensuality cannot be matched.  I featured her (unfortunately) one and only solo album The Queen Is In The House on the Isle, and this is one of the singles she released the year previous to the album's release.  It really should have been on the album, as it is one of her best.  Like most of her album, it was produced by Jessie Jones, and it was released on the small Chicago label Streetside.  Enjoy, especially the super-sassy "Don't Fuck With Me" mix. ;)

Download Out Of My Life

1 Out Of My Life (Don't Mess With Me)
2 Out Of My Life (Under Ground Mix)
3 Don't Fuck With Me (Mix)
4 Out Of My Life (Dub)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Michelle Crispin - Superstar (1999)

Michelle Crispin was once a member of controversial girl group Fem 2 Fem, whose albums I featured on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars.  Michelle moved to L.A. and immediately got an audition for Fem 2 Fem, for which she became the lead vocalist.  But she left before the second album's release because management was directing the group in a way she wasn't comfortable with.  Since then she has done some guest vocals and songwriting for others, and also some acting gigs.  "Superstar" is so far her only single release, though she also had a track called "Sister Mister" on various compilations in 1999 and appeared on Cleopatra Records' Madonna and Blondie tribute albums in 2000, singing "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and "Rapture", respectively.  For an interview with Michelle from 1999, go HERE.  Superstar is an amazing house track, the best mix being the Electro Mix, IMO.

Download Superstar

1 Superstar (Album Version)
2 Superstar (Star Mix)
3 Superstar (Super Dub)
4 Superstar (Ecstasy Mix)
5 Superstar (Electro Mix)
6 Superstar (Star Radio Edit)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nikki Jae - Let's All Jack (1988)

Here is a house remake of Michael Zager Band's disco classic "Let's All Chant".  It was obviously made to cash in on the acid house 'jack' phase that previous postee Denise Motto was also a part of.  There's nothing more I can tell you about it other than it is a Canadian release that on the Somersault house label.

Download Let's All Jack

1 Let's All Jack
2 Let's All Chant (Bonus Beats)
3 Let's All Chant (Jack Mix)
4 Let's All Chant

Friday, December 7, 2012

Jasmin - Gravity (1989)

As promised, here is a second Jasmin track.  It was released a year later than "Body Talk" and appears to be her last single, as neither song was a huge hit.  But at least we can still enjoy them now!  It follows a similar sound to "Body Talk" and is a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

Download Gravity

1 Gravity (Electro Housmatic Mix)  
2 Gravity (Newton's Dub)
3 Gravity (Foley's Club Mix)
4 Gravity (Club Mix)
5 Gravity (7" Edit)

Jasmin - Body Talk (1988)

FINALLY, I'm back on this blog! It's been almost a year and a half since my last post!  Luckily I had a three year warranty on my turntable and finally replaced it.  So hopefully I'll be able to share quite a few new gems in the new year.  Let's start with two songs by Jasmin.  I know very little about her, as there are a ton of artists who have went by that name over the years.  But I do know that she released a single in 1984 called "Get Up And Dance" as well as an album of the same name, which you can preview and buy on iTunes or Amazon (for some reason an 'e' was added to the end of her name for the album only).  I only recently heard "Get Up And Dance" and recognized from the voice that it is the same woman that sings this, her first single four years later on CBS Associated.  The original version stays with the freestylish sound of her other single from 1984, "Stop (Before You Break My Heart)" , while the house and Euro mixes do indeed up the house factor.  Enjoy!

Download Body Talk

1 Body Talk (Club Original Mix)
2 Body Talk (Percapella)
1 Body Talk (EURO Mix)
2 Body Talk (House Mix)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pobi - Dance With Me (1988)

And yet another Canadian rarity. I featured Pobi's only album, released in 1993, some time ago on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. But this was one of her first two releases in 1988. I saw her perform this on the old dance show Electric Circus and I bought it soon after. While her album is more eurohouse, this was a fantastic straight up pop-dance song. The house mix is quite haunting as well.

Download Dance With Me

Dance With Me (Dance Mix)
Dance With Me (Radio Mix)
Dance With Me (Club Mix)
Dance With Me (House Mix)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pobi - Send Me An Angel (1993)

I featured Pobi's album of the same name on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. Go there for what little info I could gather. This was likely her biggest 'hit', a remake of the Real Life song. Enjoy!

Download Send Me An Angel

Send Me An Angel (Cocktail Party Mix)
Send Me An Angel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carrie McDowell - Casual Sex (1987)

So, I just featured Carrie McDowell's album on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. Go there for all the details on Carrie. But I happen to have the original version of "Casual Sex", which isn't on the album. A bit different than the more popular remixed version on the album, before they thought to add the 'Uh Uh, No No' to the title. ;) It also includes the awesome funky non-album track "Prove It". Enjoy!

Download Casual Sex

Casual Sex (12" Mix)
Casual Sex (7" Version)
Casual Sex (Instrumental)
Prove It

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robey - I Surrender (1986)

Here's another pop gem from 1986 by another artist whose album was featured on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars - Robey. As mentioned there, this single was her one and only on her new label, Chrysalis. It's a dance-pop tune in the same vein as those on her previous album. It's unknown whether she was to release a new album on Chrysalis or not, but if the bonus track here, "Paris, Paree", is any indication of the direction the album was to go, it would have been a very strange listen indeed. ;)

Download I Surrender

I Surrender
I Surrender (Dub Mix)
Paris, Paree

Regina - Head On (1986)

I did a post on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars early last year on Regina, the lady who had one big hit with the Madonna-esque "Baby Love" in 1986. As I mentioned, two other singles were released off of her album Curiosity, and here is the extended mixes of one of them. "Head On" is very similar to "Baby Love". This mix is very sample-heavy, repeating spoken bits from the song and even having a track, "One Minute Of Head", dedicated to the "Head" in the title.

Download Head On

Head On (Vocal 12" Mix)
Head On (Vocal Dub Mix)
One Minute Of Head

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shirley Lewis - (You Used To Be) Romantic (1988)

I did a post on Shirley Lewis on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars some time ago, and mentioned that this single preceded her album on A&M Records and likely led to her album deal. It does not appear on the album, but would have fit well with its poppier side. As my friend Max pointed out, it is a remake of the Jo Joe song from 1987 and is very similar, not surprising considering it was produced by the same team of Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who also wrote it. The remixes here dance it up a bit.

Here is the video.

Download (You Used To Be) Romantic

(You Used To Be) Romantic (Some Like It Hot Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (The Hot & Bothered Remix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Romancing The Street Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Terrific Dub)
REMEMBER to let me know if any links are down in the COMMENTS of whatever song you're looking for and I'll try to reup them ASAP. :)