Guess who's back!! I promise to try to update this blog much more often in the new year now that I have a new turntable. So dig in and enjoy! And let me know if any links are down and I'll try to reup them. :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Voyéur - Hangin' On The Boulevard (1988)

What little I know about Voyéur I just posted on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars along with their album.  But this is the record that made me first notice them.  I loved it at first listen, as it is an amazing upbeat pop-house track, all courtesy of remixer Murray Elias and the best editor ever, Chep Nuñez.  It made me seek out the album, which is quite different.  The album version is included here so you can compare, and if you like it, head on over to the Isle and download their album.

Download Hangin' On The Boulevard

1 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Mix)
2 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Edit)
3 Hangin' On The Boulevard (LP Version)
4 Hangin' On The Boulevard (Housin' Dub)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Vanilla Mix - Easier Said Than Done (1987)

Here's another track that I don't know much about.  I have it on a double A-Side with Shari's "Stop If You Want My Lovin'", which was the track I originally bought it for, and it was originally released on my fave Canadian freestyle/hi-NRG label Sizzle, and originally mixed by the label head Teneen Ali.  It is an amazing Latin freestyle track with a lovely lead vocal, and haunting backing vocals.  Making it even better is that it was remixed by the amazing Robert Clivilles & David Cole, so while the Club Mix is pure freestyle, the Stardom Club Groove is a house stunner.

Download Easier Said Than Done

1 Easier Said Than Done (Club Mix)
2 Easier Said Than Done (Stardom Groove Club)

Suzie And The Cubans - I Feel It (1987)

Back again, finally. :)  I really don't know much about this track, other than that it was written by German-American dance producer extraordinaire Jurgen Korduletsch, Colombian-American freestyle producer extraordinaire Carlos Berrios and Brazilian-American remixer extraordinaire Tuta Aquino, with the A-Side being produced by Korduletsch and mixed by all three.  It is a classic house number, with "Suzie" repeating the title over a deep house beat and a piano riff.  The Makumba Mix and Double Dub add some chanting vocals repeating "Makumba a oh", which gives it a tribal feel.  However, the standout is the Construction Medley, whose production is credited to William Berrios (Carlos' brother?) and remixed by "The Cubans".  It removes the "Makumba"'s and instead samples bits of classic house songs, too many to mention here, but if you're a true house fan you should know many of them and dig this 10 minute entrancer.

Download I Feel It

1 I Feel It (Makumba Mix)
2 I Feel It (Double Dub)
3 I Feel It (Construction Medley)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Blue Pearl - Alive (1991)

All you need to know about Blue Pearl you can find on the post of their sole album on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars.  "Alive" was their third and last single from the album and features Pink Floyd's David Gilmour on guitar.  It didn't manage to chart, perhaps because it was much slower in tempo than their previous singles.  Whatever the case, the Goa Mix makes it much trippier, and the Graham Massey mix of album track "Down To You" was only available on this maxi-single.

Video for Alive

Download Alive

1 Alive (Goa Mix)
2 Alive (Radio Mix)
3 Alive (Organapella Mix)
4 Down To You (Massey Mix)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Carole Pope - Nothing But A Heartache / I'm Not Blind (1988)

There's really not much I need to tell you about Carole Pope that you can't find on the internet.  Simply put, she's a Canadian icon, originally one half of new wave hit-makers Rough Trade (hits include "High School Confidential" and "Crimes Of Passion") and an ex-lover of Dusty Springfield.  But after leaving Rough Trade, her solo career was very sporadic.  This was her first (and only?) solo single, released independently.  "Nothing But A Heartache", a remake of the Flirtations classic, is a synth-rock song, and "I'm Not Blind" is a lovely ballad.  Seven years later, in 1995, she finally released the mini-album Radiate on her own label Le Petite Mort Records.  She wouldn't release another album, Transcend, until 2005, also on her label.  She also released a collection of remixes of the album the same year, and finally released another album, Landfall, in 2011.  These later albums are much more electro-based and are quite tasty.  You can get them, and other albums, on her website.  But for now enjoy this rarity from a true legend.

Download Nothing But A Heartache / I'm Not Blind

1 Heartache (Repomix)
2 I'm Not Blind (Radio Mix)
3 Heartache (Remix)
4 I'm Not Blind (Acoustic Mix)
5 Heartache (Heat Mix)

Never...But Always - Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (1988)

Well, it took awhile, but I'm back again with a few gems (thanks to Jeremy Kay for putting fire under my ass. LOL).  The first is a synthpop Hi-NRG number by the Canadian duo of brothers Steve & Kevin Dafoe, with some early assistance by Massimo Rosati.  Rosati was a prolific producer of Hi-NRG songs in Canada in the 1980s.  As Never...But Always (formerly known, interestingly, as En Vogue), the duo released three singles: "Never Enough" in 1986, this track in 1988, and "Too Good To Be True" in 1990.  This track was produced by Vincent Degiorgio, who worked with many other acts posted on this blog and the Isle blog, including Kim Esty, Eria Fachin, Fire & Ice, Patrick L. Myles, Pressure Point, Karen Silver and Fausta Monaco. The version of "Tonight" I'm posting was remixed by Barry Harris, then one half of synthpop duo Kon Kan, and later better known a remixer Thunderpuss.  "Tonight" sounds a lot like a Kon Kan song, and is reminiscent of similar synth boy duos of the time like Bros or Blue Mercedes.  It's an amazing dance song.  Enjoy!

Download Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You)

1 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Barry Harris Remix)
2 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Edit)
3 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (Music For Your Feet Mix)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Liz Torres - Out Of My Life (1988)

Words cannot express how much I love Liz Torres, the queen of house.  Her sass and sensuality cannot be matched.  I featured her (unfortunately) one and only solo album The Queen Is In The House on the Isle, and this is one of the singles she released the year previous to the album's release.  It really should have been on the album, as it is one of her best.  Like most of her album, it was produced by Jessie Jones, and it was released on the small Chicago label Streetside.  Enjoy, especially the super-sassy "Don't Fuck With Me" mix. ;)

Download Out Of My Life

1 Out Of My Life (Don't Mess With Me)
2 Out Of My Life (Under Ground Mix)
3 Don't Fuck With Me (Mix)
4 Out Of My Life (Dub)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Michelle Crispin - Superstar (1999)

Michelle Crispin was once a member of controversial girl group Fem 2 Fem, whose albums I featured on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars.  Michelle moved to L.A. and immediately got an audition for Fem 2 Fem, for which she became the lead vocalist.  But she left before the second album's release because management was directing the group in a way she wasn't comfortable with.  Since then she has done some guest vocals and songwriting for others, and also some acting gigs.  "Superstar" is so far her only single release, though she also had a track called "Sister Mister" on various compilations in 1999 and appeared on Cleopatra Records' Madonna and Blondie tribute albums in 2000, singing "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" and "Rapture", respectively.  For an interview with Michelle from 1999, go HERE.  Superstar is an amazing house track, the best mix being the Electro Mix, IMO.

Download Superstar

1 Superstar (Album Version)
2 Superstar (Star Mix)
3 Superstar (Super Dub)
4 Superstar (Ecstasy Mix)
5 Superstar (Electro Mix)
6 Superstar (Star Radio Edit)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nikki Jae - Let's All Jack (1988)

Here is a house remake of Michael Zager Band's disco classic "Let's All Chant".  It was obviously made to cash in on the acid house 'jack' phase that previous postee Denise Motto was also a part of.  There's nothing more I can tell you about it other than it is a Canadian release that on the Somersault house label.

Download Let's All Jack

1 Let's All Jack
2 Let's All Chant (Bonus Beats)
3 Let's All Chant (Jack Mix)
4 Let's All Chant

Friday, December 7, 2012

Jasmin - Gravity (1989)

As promised, here is a second Jasmin track.  It was released a year later than "Body Talk" and appears to be her last single, as neither song was a huge hit.  But at least we can still enjoy them now!  It follows a similar sound to "Body Talk" and is a lot of fun.  Enjoy!

Download Gravity

1 Gravity (Electro Housmatic Mix)  
2 Gravity (Newton's Dub)
3 Gravity (Foley's Club Mix)
4 Gravity (Club Mix)
5 Gravity (7" Edit)

Jasmin - Body Talk (1988)

FINALLY, I'm back on this blog! It's been almost a year and a half since my last post!  Luckily I had a three year warranty on my turntable and finally replaced it.  So hopefully I'll be able to share quite a few new gems in the new year.  Let's start with two songs by Jasmin.  I know very little about her, as there are a ton of artists who have went by that name over the years.  But I do know that she released a single in 1984 called "Get Up And Dance" as well as an album of the same name, which you can preview and buy on iTunes or Amazon (for some reason an 'e' was added to the end of her name for the album only).  I only recently heard "Get Up And Dance" and recognized from the voice that it is the same woman that sings this, her first single four years later on CBS Associated.  The original version stays with the freestylish sound of her other single from 1984, "Stop (Before You Break My Heart)" , while the house and Euro mixes do indeed up the house factor.  Enjoy!

Download Body Talk

1 Body Talk (Club Original Mix)
2 Body Talk (Percapella)
1 Body Talk (EURO Mix)
2 Body Talk (House Mix)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pobi - Dance With Me (1988)

And yet another Canadian rarity. I featured Pobi's only album, released in 1993, some time ago on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. But this was one of her first two releases in 1988. I saw her perform this on the old dance show Electric Circus and I bought it soon after. While her album is more eurohouse, this was a fantastic straight up pop-dance song. The house mix is quite haunting as well.

Download Dance With Me

Dance With Me (Dance Mix)
Dance With Me (Radio Mix)
Dance With Me (Club Mix)
Dance With Me (House Mix)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pobi - Send Me An Angel (1993)

I featured Pobi's album of the same name on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. Go there for what little info I could gather. This was likely her biggest 'hit', a remake of the Real Life song. Enjoy!

Download Send Me An Angel

Send Me An Angel (Cocktail Party Mix)
Send Me An Angel

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Carrie McDowell - Casual Sex (1987)

So, I just featured Carrie McDowell's album on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. Go there for all the details on Carrie. But I happen to have the original version of "Casual Sex", which isn't on the album. A bit different than the more popular remixed version on the album, before they thought to add the 'Uh Uh, No No' to the title. ;) It also includes the awesome funky non-album track "Prove It". Enjoy!

Download Casual Sex

Casual Sex (12" Mix)
Casual Sex (7" Version)
Casual Sex (Instrumental)
Prove It

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Robey - I Surrender (1986)

Here's another pop gem from 1986 by another artist whose album was featured on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars - Robey. As mentioned there, this single was her one and only on her new label, Chrysalis. It's a dance-pop tune in the same vein as those on her previous album. It's unknown whether she was to release a new album on Chrysalis or not, but if the bonus track here, "Paris, Paree", is any indication of the direction the album was to go, it would have been a very strange listen indeed. ;)

Download I Surrender

I Surrender
I Surrender (Dub Mix)
Paris, Paree

Regina - Head On (1986)

I did a post on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars early last year on Regina, the lady who had one big hit with the Madonna-esque "Baby Love" in 1986. As I mentioned, two other singles were released off of her album Curiosity, and here is the extended mixes of one of them. "Head On" is very similar to "Baby Love". This mix is very sample-heavy, repeating spoken bits from the song and even having a track, "One Minute Of Head", dedicated to the "Head" in the title.

Download Head On

Head On (Vocal 12" Mix)
Head On (Vocal Dub Mix)
One Minute Of Head

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shirley Lewis - (You Used To Be) Romantic (1988)

I did a post on Shirley Lewis on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars some time ago, and mentioned that this single preceded her album on A&M Records and likely led to her album deal. It does not appear on the album, but would have fit well with its poppier side. As my friend Max pointed out, it is a remake of the Jo Joe song from 1987 and is very similar, not surprising considering it was produced by the same team of Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who also wrote it. The remixes here dance it up a bit.

Here is the video.

Download (You Used To Be) Romantic

(You Used To Be) Romantic (Some Like It Hot Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (The Hot & Bothered Remix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Romancing The Street Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Terrific Dub)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

B.J. Nelson - Evidence Of Love (1989)

Brenda Jay Nelson is known primarily as a session singer. She has done backing vocals for many acts including Nona Hendryx, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, Al Green and even a couple Isle postees - Nokko and Vanessa Paradis. Her greatest fame as a backing singer was with the group Scritti Politti, and her vocals were even featured up front in one of their songs, "Hypnotize" (one of my fave songs, BTW - and that's not her in the video, alas). Another artist she did backing vocals for was Robert Palmer, who produced this song and her entire self-titled debut album, which was a soul-pop affair, as is this song. It failed to make any sort of impression, and Ms. Nelson went back to session singing. Check out her Myspace page for her current goings-on.

Download Evidence Of Love

Evidence Of Love (Urban Mix)
Evidence Of Love

Monday, May 16, 2011

Julia Santana - Love Has A Name (1990)

I knew nothing of Julia Santana other than this track, and I hadn't really even listened to it much. It's a fun, little known freestyle track that includes a good house mix on the 12". Julia released two other freestyle tracks with the same production duo of Kenny Krytell and Louis Caceres - "Sooner Or Later" on Posse Records in 1988 and "Surrender Your Heart" on MicMac in 1991. This was her only track that was released on a major label, Atlantic, likely due to the presence of heavyweight remixers Mojoe Nicosia (who also remixed Isle postees Chena, Tricia Leigh Fisher and Rumorz) and Charlie Casanova (who also remixed Isle postees Blue Pearl, Cindy Valentine and Jomanda). So I was surprised to see that Julia is still active in the music biz (and looking good!), having appeared as Mimi in Rent and recorded new music in her favoured genre, rock. See her Myspace page for more.

Download Love Has A Name

Love Has A Name (Mojoe Nicosia Club Edit)
Love Has A Name (Charlie Casanova Club Version)

Hi-Tyme - Fly Robin Fly (1987)

It's been awhile, I know, but I'm back with a few more gems. First up is this remake of the 1975 Silver Convention disco classic. It was released on Canada's Sizzle Records as a double A side with Natasha's freestyle song "Be Gentle With My Heart". Like that track, I suspect it was produced by the man behind most of Sizzle Records' releases, Teneen Ali (see previous post on Shari), though production is credited to the 'Sizzle Connection'. It is basically a straight-forward remake, with a little less disco and a little more synth.

Download Fly Robin Fly

Fly Robin Fly (Club Mix)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sheree Jeacocke - Serious (1993)

I featured Sheree's first and last albums on The Isle, but did not post Miss My Love because it was already featured on The Music Spectrum. This was the second single released from that album, and here it is remixed with a much funkier vibe. Obviously I love me some Sheree, as this is the fourth post on her here, and there will be more to come!

Download Serious

Serious (Album Version)
Serious (CHR Remix Edit)
Serious (The D Tone Serious Boom Mix)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pressure Point Featuring Ronit - Take Me Tonight (1987)

Here is a little-known Canadian freestyle/house track that really must be heard. It has a very similar vibe to the electro house songs produced by the Komix crew (which includes previous postee Jillian Mendez) but with a more freestyle flavour. It was produced by Tzvi Erez, who was partly responsible for previous postee Patrick L. Myles' big hit "My Heart's On Fire", which was also released on Vincent Degiorgio's Power label. Degiorgio and Erez wrote the track with singer Ronit Benyovits. Love this track!

Download Take Me Tonight

Take Me Tonight (The Extended "L.O.V." Mix)
Take Me Tonight (The Novox Mix - Instrumental)
Take Me Tonight (Edit)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nancy Kay - King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (1988)

Nancy Kay is Nancy K. Goltsman, wife of house and freestyle producer and head of Bottom Line Records Edward Goltsman, better known as Ed The Red. Together they wrote and produced many an underground house and freestyle song. They also released music together under the monikers ODC and Red Follies. Nancy released only two singles of her own, the other being "Sun Above The Rain (Fly Away)". "King Of The Jungle" is a very unique track, a house/freestyle hybrid with plenty of jungle and even Tarzan samples. In fact, the Samplepella is just a bunch of the samples used strung together. Definitely a fun, original dance track!

Download King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste)

King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (Edited Version)
King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (Instrumental Red Dub)
King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (Samplepella)
King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (Jungle Dance Mix)
King Of The Jungle (Cum A Laude Veste) (Flume Dance Dub)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kristine Morrell - Been So Long / Walk Away (1992)

I can only assume that Kristine Morrell is a Canadian artist. I cannot find any info on her on the internet, but she did release her first single "Love Thing" on the awesome Canadian house label Blast Records in 1990. It was picked up by MCA Records and released as a promo in 1991, which I have and will hopefully feature in the future - I tried to rip the vinyl but it keeps skipping. :( That is a fun pop house song, and so is "Been So Long", which was released independently in the US. The B side, "Walk Away," is a change of pace, a very sexy mid-tempo funk track. Check out the 8 and a half minute long 'Minneapolis Purple Sex Remix', a hypnotic, trippy and funky ride.

UPDATE:  Found her.  She IS Canadian, she now goes by the name Crystine Morrel and you can read more about here HERE.

Download Been So Long / Walk Away

Been So Long (Belgium Dance Remix)
Been So Long (Radio Edit)
Walk Away (Minneapolis Purple Sex Remix)
Walk Away (Radio Sex)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shari - Sugar Sugar (1987)

Thanks to a request from Jeff on Facebook, I offer you Shari's "Sugar Sugar". Shari, like previous postee Yasmine, is a one-named mystery girl who was produced by Canadian Hi-NRG and freestyle producer Teneen Ali. Also like Yasmine, Shari's single is a Hi-NRG remake, this time of The Archies classic. Unlike Yasmine, Shari did record at least one other single, the better known freestyle song "Stop If You Want My Lovin'", also produced by Teneen Ali, which you can download at Freestyle Rebirth. Thanks for the request, Jeff!

Download Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar
Sugar Sugar (Radio Mix)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharon Lee Williams - Your Place Or Mine (1989)

Sharon Lee Williams is well known in the Canadian music industry, but she only ever released one single as a solo artist. She did manage a hit as part of the group Sway and their remake of Ottawan's "Hands Up" in 1987 (which I also mentioned on The Isle in the Chantal Condor post. ;) and contributed vocals to the work of many other artists. Her only solo release was released a couple of years after the Sway hit, and the original is very 80s pop/R&B. The 'Your Place Mix' is a lot faster and has a very Pointer Sisters-ish sound, and the 'My Place Mix" is a lot funkier. But my fave is the 'Percusappella'. Sharon is still involved in the music industry and has even been a vocal coach for Canadian Idol. She currently runs her own vocal coaching company out of Toronto, MusicEnt Productions.

Download Your Place Or Mine

Your Place Or Mine (Your Place Mix)
Your Place Or Mine (Original 7 Inch)
Your Place Or Mine (My Place Mix)
Your Place Or Mine (Percusappella)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sonia Papp - Undercover Lover (1988)

Here is our next Canadian dance diva, Quebec's Sonia Papp. There is very little info available on this little lady, even though she released three albums in 1990s - the first two, in 1990 and 1993, (with the spelling of her first name chanced to Sonya) very dancey pop albums, and the last, in 1993, much more pop rock. I have all three albums and plan on featuring them on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars in the future, so I'll leave the details to a minimum here. Suffice it to say, this was her first single, a Hi-NRG number with a light house touch that remains her best known song. It was produced by John Farley, who also worked on Pobi's "Dance With Me", also featured here, and later with Nancy Martinez. Enjoy!

Download Undercover Lover

Undercover Lover (Dance Mix)
Undercover Lover (Power 45)
Undercover Lover (Dub Mix)

Kim Esty - Make You Mine (1988?)

I have once again neglected this blog, and I apologize, but I return with peace offerings - a slew of pop-dance singles by Canadian female singers. I featured Kim Esty on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars already, so go there for more info on the lady. This single was one of her first, independently released somewhere in the late 1980's (the single itself doesn't say). It's a mid-tempo dance pop song (the version on her Variety Show and Best Of is a newer, ballad version) that was her first collaboration with Barry Harris from Thunderpuss, who would guide her to later success. The Hi-Bias and RPM mixes change the pace to housey and hip hop-ish respectively. And it also features one of the first remixes by Barry's future Thunderpuss partner Chris Cox. A lovely track that began a lengthy career in pop music.

Download Make You Mine

Make You Mine (The Chris Cox Mix)
Make You Mine (Original Mix)
Make You Mine (The RPM Mix)
Make You Mine (The Hi-Bias Mix)
Make You Mine (Radio)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Nightcat - #1 House Rule (1991)

This single is one that reminds me why I enjoy doing these blogs. You just never know what you're going to find out about these artists! I thought this was just a random one off single by some pop tart, but instead Nightcat was a creation of Marvel Comics! Marvel creator Stan Lee wanted to develop a female superhero who crossed over into the real world. Like Dazzler, this hero was also a rock singer. So they released an issue of the Nightcat comic book and hired actress/singer Jacqueline Tavarez to embody Nightcat in real life. They recorded an entire album simply titled Nightcat. This was the only single. Both the comic and album bombed and Jacqueline was fired, she claims because she appeared in a music video by Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher's ex-lover Joey Buttafuoco!! She has since appeared nude in the film Tromeo And Juliet and that's about it. For more on the Nightcat story, go HERE. I would have died for this had I known it existed back in the day, as I was both a music and comic book fiend! As for this song, it's actually a really good dance pop track (like something from Pajama Party, whose 'ghost' vocalist Nikki Gregoroff also has credits on the Nightcat album and is likely the one actually singing this), and the remixes give it a tasty house edge. Apparently the rest of the album is very rock oriented, but I would still LOVE to get my hands on it!

Download #1 House Rule

#1 House Rule (12" House Mix)
#1 House Rule (12" House Dub)
#1 House Rule (7" Radio Version)
#1 House Rule (Nightcat Mix)
#1 House Rule (Rock The Dub Mix)
#1 House Rule (7" Mix)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

April Wayne - The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (1989)

April Wayne was a bikini model and occasional actress in the 80s, and this was her only single. It was produced by the people behind Stacey Q and Bardeux, and while the original is poppy fun, the remixes make it a house scorcher.

Download The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall

The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (Passion Mix)
The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (The Big Shot Mix)
The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (The Original Mix)
The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (The Invasion Of The Hippie Zombie Guys)

Michelle Blade - Tonight (1990)

Sorry that I've been neglecting this blog lately. But I'm back! And back with a bang! This track from the amazing Michelle Blade, whose talent and beauty are limitless, is one of my fave songs of all time. I featured Michelle on the Isle, and mentioned how I discovered her with her performance of this song on Electric Circus. It is a genius mix of hip hop, freestyle and house, and to me it's timeless. Enjoy! And check out Michelle's awesome new music on Myspace and Facebook.

Download Tonight

Tonight (Power Mix)
Tonight (Percapella)
Tonight (Extended Mix)
Tonight (Single)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Queen B - Red Top Hot Shot (1989)

Queen B was a British duo comprised of Belinda Lee (nee Leith) and Ray Kovacs. This was their only single, and though it was given a huge push in the UK, it was not a hit. Plans for an album were scrapped and the two broke up. The duo Shampoo would have greater success with this punk-pop sound a few years later. Belinda later joined the alt-rock group Daisy Chainsaw, replacing the lead singer. It is rumoured that the original Queen B songs have recently gotten a publisher behind them, so perhaps we'll hear more soon.

Here is the video which also includes an interview.

Download Red Top Hot Shot

Red Top Hot Shot (Lead-Free Mix)

Red Top Hot Shot


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exception - Jump With It (1986)

This is another of those imports that I picked up from a dollar bin back in the day. I know nothing about Exception other than that the song was written and produced by British production trio Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who would later go on to release their own songs under monikers like Spider, Circuit and Mann. (Perhaps this was just another moniker.) They had their greatest success many years after this as trippy soul act Innocence, which was fronted by Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars featured artist, Gee Morris. This is one of their earliest works, and is clearly made to sound like a Stock, Aitken and Waterman song, especially something by Mel & Kim. It was even released on Mel & Kim's SAW based label, Supreme (that's SAW act Princess' hand you see on the sleeve). One other song was released by Exception, "Slap You Back", which appeared on the Mona Lisa soundtrack the same year, and it's unsurprisingly reminiscent of something by Princess.

Download Jump With It

Jump With It (High St. Mix)

Jump With It (7" Radio Version)

Jump With It (The Camden Dub Mix)

Adele Bertei - When It's Over (1985)

I featured Adele Bertei's one solo album from 1988 on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars some time ago. Before she moved into that adult contemporary sound, she released a couple of solo dance singles. She released the Thomas Dolby produced "Build A Bridge" in 1983, and this was her follow up. It was produced in part by David Gamson and Fred Maher of popular Brit new wave group Scritti Politti and also features vocals by their frontman Green Gartside, so it sounds a lot like a Scritti Politti track. She would go on to do featured vocals on dance hits by Jellybean and Arthur Baker, and also explore other musical avenues.

Here's the video

Download When It's Over

When It's Over (Dance Mix)

When It's Over (Metal Mix)

Every Little Bit Hurts

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yasmine - Toda La Vida (1987)

Another mystery artist, this track by Yasmine came out on Canadian label Sizzle and was produced by Canadian Hi-NRG and freestyle maestro Teneen Ali, probably best known for his work with Nancy Martinez. It is an English, Hi-NRG remake of the Italian song "Tutta La Vita" originally recorded by Lucio Dalla in 1984, and then remade in Spanish in 1986 as "Toda La Vida" by two artists, Franco and Emmanuel. In fact, Emmanuel's version replaced Franco's version on top of Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart. I believe that this is Yasmine's only release.

Download Toda La Vida

Toda La Vida (Coco Loco Mix)
Toda La Vida (Radio Mix)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Denise Motto - Tell Jack (Jack The House) (1987)

I know nothing about Denise Motto. All I can tell you is that her first release was the double sided single "Miss Demeanor / IMNXTC" in 1986. While "Miss Demeanor" was a Bobby Orlando-ish Hi-NRG song which Denise sang the vocals on, "IMNXTC" was an acid house-ish track on which she spoke. It was such a huge hit in the clubs that she released it again a year later as "I M N X T C (Jack Your Body To The Beat)", as well as the track "Doing It Properly - Is XTC". This was at the height of the 'jack' craze (the most poppish example being the Reynolds Girls' "I'd Rather Jack"). "Tell Jack" was the next single and very much in the same vein. It is one of my fave house tracks. She released one more double sided single, "Totally Serious / Every Woman", before disappearing.

Download Tell Jack (Jack The House)

Tell Jack (Jack The House)
Tell Jack (Jack The House) (Dub)