Friday, November 26, 2010

Nightcat - #1 House Rule (1991)

This single is one that reminds me why I enjoy doing these blogs. You just never know what you're going to find out about these artists! I thought this was just a random one off single by some pop tart, but instead Nightcat was a creation of Marvel Comics! Marvel creator Stan Lee wanted to develop a female superhero who crossed over into the real world. Like Dazzler, this hero was also a rock singer. So they released an issue of the Nightcat comic book and hired actress/singer Jacqueline Tavarez to embody Nightcat in real life. They recorded an entire album simply titled Nightcat. This was the only single. Both the comic and album bombed and Jacqueline was fired, she claims because she appeared in a music video by Long Island Lolita Amy Fisher's ex-lover Joey Buttafuoco!! She has since appeared nude in the film Tromeo And Juliet and that's about it. For more on the Nightcat story, go HERE. I would have died for this had I known it existed back in the day, as I was both a music and comic book fiend! As for this song, it's actually a really good dance pop track (like something from Pajama Party, whose 'ghost' vocalist Nikki Gregoroff also has credits on the Nightcat album and is likely the one actually singing this), and the remixes give it a tasty house edge. Apparently the rest of the album is very rock oriented, but I would still LOVE to get my hands on it!

Download #1 House Rule

#1 House Rule (12" House Mix)
#1 House Rule (12" House Dub)
#1 House Rule (7" Radio Version)
#1 House Rule (Nightcat Mix)
#1 House Rule (Rock The Dub Mix)
#1 House Rule (7" Mix)


  1. Hey, if you're still looking for this album, I've got it here:

    It's much more pop than rock, in my opinion, and it only has nine tracks.

    01 - #1 House Rule
    02 - Let Me Be Your Only Girl
    03 - If You Love Me
    04 - I've Finally Found Someone
    05 - Don't Change
    06 - Say You'll Be Mine
    07 - In The Night Time
    08 - Your Love Is All I Need
    09 - Hang On To Your Loving

    If the link isn't working, you can email me at, and I'll upload them somewhere else, okay? I hope you like it!

  2. Thanks so much for this album! You're awesome! I love the album! I'm glad that it's not rock and is very much freestyle/dance pop. I'm going to have to post in on my other blog! Thanks again! :)

  3. Thank you Soooooo much, Sarah, for uploading it. I've been trying to find these songs for a long time.

  4. Somebody just hit me up for the Nightcat comic book. Oddly, I vaguely remember reading it 20 years ago but didn't realize there was ACTUALLY an album... which is how I wound up here. Thanks Sarah and Nasty G! If anyone wants the full book, choose your preferred format:

    PDF, CBR, Gallery

  5. Do you still want the record?

    1. Thanks! I actually got it from someone in the comments above and put it on my other blog (though if you have it in high quality it would be appreciated. ;)

    2. E-mail me at I'll mail it to you, I have the single on 12" vinyl.

  6. please re up megaco pleasethis is hard to find i dont see anywhere only this Nedzad ps alexader email dont work i try to tell you abot single but nothing of that Nasty G re up please

  7. Nasty G Thank you so much for the re up I did not believe and now I see that you are a man of honor only beg for Krush 'On Sunshine Waliking listen promo vinyl with a bad rip what you were put here the cd rip cd is still better I can only hope and wait

  8. i'll make a list of what i got 4 you...till then another bad song but gr8 cover , another 4 the cheesecake selection.

  9. Please re-upload the single and the album, please. Thank's.


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