Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catharine Buchanan - Love Is (1988)

Not much is known about Catharine Buchanan other than that she was the singer that was not Madonna on Jellybean's "Sidewalk Talk". It appears that she only managed to release one single of her own, and here it is. It's quite a fun pop ditty, and the French version is even better!

UPDATE: Thanks to Justvox I was directed to this link that tells a little bit about Catharine, and reveals that she unfortunately passed away in 2001. :( 

Download Love Is

1 Love Is (Club Mix)
2 Love Is (Extended)
3 Love Is (French)


  1. Hey! I've been looking for this songs for ages. I have vinyl but not MP3 version. Thank you so much!!! U make me so so happy!

    Matt ~^v^~

  2. I found this blog recently while searching for information about her...
    Sad that she passed so young and didn't gain more recognition.

    1. Thanks for this! I've added the link to the post. Sad indeed...

  3. ¿Could Catharine Buchanan fake her death? Not to be insensitive...could coincide with the relocating...comfort w/name change etc. Sidewalk Talk=big favorite to me. R.I.P.

  4. Hello,please,link for download is down!Can you repost?Thank you a lot!


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