Thursday, June 30, 2016

She Moves - It's Your Love (1998)

Here are some big gay remixes just in time for Toronto Pride! lol  I featured pop trio She Moves on the Isle many years ago, and finally got to ripping the remixes of their remake of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's country hit "It's Your Love".  I had never heard that version before the She Moves version, and it was the ladies' version that I fell in love with.  Their version managed to reach #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. I must admit, I am not really a fan of these house remixes, but if I had to choose, I'd say that the original producers of the song, the Berman Brothers, provided the best remix.  The Love To Infinity mixes are too much, IMO, and their Radio Mix is also a ballad, just a watered down version...  But you may disagree, so listen and enjoy.  And happy Pride, wherever you are!

Video for the original version of It's Your Love

Download It's Your Love

1    It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix)
2   It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Cream Horn Mix)
3   It's Your Love (Berman Brothers Dance Mix)
4   It's Your Love (Love To Infinity Radio Mix)

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