Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sisi & The Beat - Mr. Right (1989)

Another Canadian act for you. Sisi & The Beat released a couple singles, and that's pretty much all I can tell you about them. But from the credits on the single, I'm guessing my friend, the fabulously talented Michelle Blade (now Michelle Laidman) had A LOT to do with this release. I'm gonna find out and get back to y'all. Till then, check out Michelle's fab album Cheatin' Game that I posted on The Isle.

Download Mr. Right

Mr. Right (Radio Mix)
Mr. Right (Instrumental Mix)
Mr. Right (Dance Mix)


  1. The Link is Dead, kindly upload again please..


  2. Hi ! can you reupload the song . Thank you !

  3. In 1988 I got a ride to Richmond Hill, ON in the Dodge van of Sisi & The Beat. I was going there to book my band "Lee Van Leer & The Nouns" in
    a club where Sisi had already played. I think they were going there to move their gear out

  4. Hello again! Please re-up the link. Thanx! :)

  5. Sisi is my sister in law, married to my brother Peter, the bassist of the band.


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