Friday, February 26, 2010

Liz Lausanne - Dancin' On The Island (1988)

I don't know anything about Liz Lausanne except that she is Canadian and did back-up vocals for several Canadian acts. I suspect that she is now a country singer known as Violet Ray, thanks to an upload on Youtube. And I did see her perform this song on the dance show Electric Circus. Whatever the case, this is a tropical dance track with Latin and Carribean flavour. It was remixed by the crew who worked on the Lois And Lane track I posted a few days ago - K-Bros and Earl Torno.

Download Dancin' On The Island

Dancin' On The Island (Remix)
Dancin' On The Island (Dub)


  1. Hello.

    Nasty G,
    could you please reup this Liz Lausanne - Dancin' On The Island (1988) ?
    and also maybe these 5 as well:

    Karen Silver - Hot Wired (1988)
    Kim Esty - Make You Mine (1988)
    Odette Doiley - Comin' At You Boy (1987)
    Pressure Point featuring Ronit - Take Me Tonight (1987)
    Sisi & The Beat - Mr. Right (1989)

    Just them, nothing more :-)

    1. No problem. They've all been reupped, as well as Odette's "Love Walked (Out Of My Life)". ;)

  2. That was really fast reup!
    Nasty G, Thank you so much!!! :-)

    Can you just correct the link for Odette Doiley - Comin' At You Boy as it's the same link of Sisi & The Beat - Mr. Right

    1. Odette link has been fixed. And you're welcome. :)

    2. Nasty G, I thank you once again!! :-)


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