Friday, February 26, 2010

Evans & Fisher - You Set My Heart On Fire (1987)

I believe that Evans & Fisher were an Italian act, said to consist of very non-Italian named Tommy Evans and Danny Fisher. This is their remake of the Tina Charles disco classic. I had actually never heard the song until I got my hands on this version, which has a very Italo-disco feel. They released a few other singles using this name as well, and also produced other acts and ran a record label. (The single edit is from a separate 7" and thus is of different quality.)

Download You Set My Heart On Fire

You Set My Heart On Fire
Heart On Fire (Instrumental)
3 You Set My Heart On Fire (Single Edit)


  1. Hello,
    Could you please restore link for EP Evans & Fisher - You Set My Heart On Fire (1987).
    I also looking for some albums of japanese Toru Arima Orchestra, Living guitars, Gil Ventura... I can write detailed e-mail to you.May be you can find something from my old collection of instrumental music.
    Kind regards, Yuri (Sydney)

  2. Could u please repeat your expired link.


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