Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kumari - Shake / Watch Out (1987)

Here's another Canadian rarity from 1987. According to the press release included with this, Kumari grew up in England and got her art degree, then hooked up with her brother Seri to make music. They moved to Canada to pursue a music career, making "a blend of British and American R&B sounds performed at a Techno pop level". I remember the video for "Shake" was played quite a bit on Canadian TV. Apparently only one other single and video, "Rock Your Baby", was released.

Download Shake / Watch Out

Shake (Dance Mix)
Watch Out (Radio Mix)
Watch Out (Dance Mix)


  1. Thank you.

    Request: Slam Slam - Something Ain't Right

  2. Hello ! can you reupload this song . 80s dance - pop . Hi nrg Music is the Best :D Thank you !

  3. Do you know if the video is anywhere online? I was in it, and I'd love to see it again after all of these years!

  4. Hi I was also In this video please get in touch thanks


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