Thursday, March 11, 2010

Louisa Florio - Love Attack (1987)

Louisa Florio is a Canadian singer, I believe from Toronto. Her best known single is arguably this track, which was a minor success locally. It was produced by Harry Hinde, who formerly worked with disco groups, but is more notorious for being the man who produced Shania Twain's pre-country music demos in the 1980s. Louisa also released a self-titled, Hinde-produced, dance-pop album as well as a follow-up album, Instant Reaction (both are featured now on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars) and several other singles. There are also videos of her performing other songs live on Youtube, though recent info on her is hard to come by.

Download Love Attack

Love Attack

Love Attack (Extended Dance Mix)


  1. Oh my word, I remember Louisa Florio from way, way, WAY back. I was in middle school when this came out. Do you happen to have "Ooh Boy" around? I would LOVE to be able to find that one again!!

  2. Hi There!

    You wrote this about a year ago, I found the song
    so you can enjoy the beautiful voice of hers!

  3. I miss her soo much... It has been years since I have seen or spoke to her, how I would love ro talk to her again!!! Her voice is beautiful she should of been the first "Celine" for Canada.
    Tiz... Xoxo

    1. Hi,
      To anyone that would like to re-connect with Louisa (aka Luiza) leave your e-mail address and let it be known who you are and how you knew her. I've heard that she is a pretty amazing person, she'd probalby contact long lost true friends.

  4. Hello All! WOW I am soooo touched and flattered. I appreciate all the support, kind words and I am forever grateful. I have a new song out, please check it out
    Feel free to "like" and "share"
    All The Best!
    Lou Williams (aka Louisa) xox

  5. Hello All! I a m so touched, flattered and grateful for all the kind words and support!
    Please check out my new song "Higher and Higher"
    Feel free to "like" and "share" - Much appreciated:)
    All the Best!
    Lou Williams (aka Louisa)

  6. Amazing after all this time ... I had the biggest crush on Luisa back in the 1980s LOL Looks like with the name change she's married now.


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