Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nikki - Uh Uh No Way (Mucho Macho) (1989)

From what I can gather, Nikki's full name is Nikki Verbreyt, she was from Belgium, and this was her only single (and shouldn't be confused with the male Nikki featured on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars). It a very hip-house track, with Nikki's accented white girl rap way up front. It was also released just as "Mucho Macho", and the original version was apparently a very early production of one of the kings of eurohouse, Serge Ramaekers (Cartouche, T-Spoon, DHT).

Here's the video to the original mix.

Download Uh Uh No Way (Mucho Macho)

Uh Uh No Way (Mucho Macho) (Frank's Re-Action Mix)
Uh Uh No Way (Mucho Macho) (Frank's Chart Attack Mix)


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