Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fire On Blonde - Stop And Think (1986)

Here we have a Lost Pop Treasures first! I am going to post two versions of the same song, released the same year! First up is Fire On Blonde's version of "Stop And Think". They were a band from LA, fronted by Suzie Benson. This is their best known song, though they released two other singles, "Bounce Back" and "Wrong Number", which were later covered and released as singles by pop diva Alisha. They never managed to release an album, alas. I'll post their version of "Bounce Back" in the future. But "Stop And Think" was also covered by another singer that same year, Michelle Goulet, which is up next. BTW, Suzie has continued on as a back up vocalist for the likes of Cher, Kelly Clarkson and Katharine McPhee.

Download Stop And Think

Stop And Think (Vocal / Dance Mix)
Stop And Think (Instrumental / Dance Mix)


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