Friday, August 6, 2010

Denise Motto - Tell Jack (Jack The House) (1987)

I know nothing about Denise Motto. All I can tell you is that her first release was the double sided single "Miss Demeanor / IMNXTC" in 1986. While "Miss Demeanor" was a Bobby Orlando-ish Hi-NRG song which Denise sang the vocals on, "IMNXTC" was an acid house-ish track on which she spoke. It was such a huge hit in the clubs that she released it again a year later as "I M N X T C (Jack Your Body To The Beat)", as well as the track "Doing It Properly - Is XTC". This was at the height of the 'jack' craze (the most poppish example being the Reynolds Girls' "I'd Rather Jack"). "Tell Jack" was the next single and very much in the same vein. It is one of my fave house tracks. She released one more double sided single, "Totally Serious / Every Woman", before disappearing.

Download Tell Jack (Jack The House)

Tell Jack (Jack The House)
Tell Jack (Jack The House) (Dub)


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