Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yasmine - Toda La Vida (1987)

Another mystery artist, this track by Yasmine came out on Canadian label Sizzle and was produced by Canadian Hi-NRG and freestyle maestro Teneen Ali, probably best known for his work with Nancy Martinez. It is an English, Hi-NRG remake of the Italian song "Tutta La Vita" originally recorded by Lucio Dalla in 1984, and then remade in Spanish in 1986 as "Toda La Vida" by two artists, Franco and Emmanuel. In fact, Emmanuel's version replaced Franco's version on top of Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks chart. I believe that this is Yasmine's only release.

Download Toda La Vida

Toda La Vida (Coco Loco Mix)
Toda La Vida (Radio Mix)

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