Friday, February 25, 2011

Sharon Lee Williams - Your Place Or Mine (1989)

Sharon Lee Williams is well known in the Canadian music industry, but she only ever released one single as a solo artist. She did manage a hit as part of the group Sway and their remake of Ottawan's "Hands Up" in 1987 (which I also mentioned on The Isle in the Chantal Condor post. ;) and contributed vocals to the work of many other artists. Her only solo release was released a couple of years after the Sway hit, and the original is very 80s pop/R&B. The 'Your Place Mix' is a lot faster and has a very Pointer Sisters-ish sound, and the 'My Place Mix" is a lot funkier. But my fave is the 'Percusappella'. Sharon is still involved in the music industry and has even been a vocal coach for Canadian Idol. She currently runs her own vocal coaching company out of Toronto, MusicEnt Productions.

Download Your Place Or Mine

Your Place Or Mine (Your Place Mix)
Your Place Or Mine (Original 7 Inch)
Your Place Or Mine (My Place Mix)
Your Place Or Mine (Percusappella)


  1. Hello! I'm really itching to hear this song. I hope I'm not bothering. I already hit you up on Facebook. The link here is down.

    Thank You and be well>

  2. Yo Nasty
    thx for this!
    I wrote this song.
    Would love to hear it again
    This link is dead...


    1. It's been reupped. Congrats on writing a great song! :)


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