Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kristine Morrell - Been So Long / Walk Away (1992)

I can only assume that Kristine Morrell is a Canadian artist. I cannot find any info on her on the internet, but she did release her first single "Love Thing" on the awesome Canadian house label Blast Records in 1990. It was picked up by MCA Records and released as a promo in 1991, which I have and will hopefully feature in the future - I tried to rip the vinyl but it keeps skipping. :( That is a fun pop house song, and so is "Been So Long", which was released independently in the US. The B side, "Walk Away," is a change of pace, a very sexy mid-tempo funk track. Check out the 8 and a half minute long 'Minneapolis Purple Sex Remix', a hypnotic, trippy and funky ride.

UPDATE:  Found her.  She IS Canadian, she now goes by the name Crystine Morrel and you can read more about here HERE.

Download Been So Long / Walk Away

Been So Long (Belgium Dance Remix)
Been So Long (Radio Edit)
Walk Away (Minneapolis Purple Sex Remix)
Walk Away (Radio Sex)


  1. I wonder if the "Minneapolis Purple Sex Remix" has something to do with Prince?

  2. I think maybe it's because it has a Prince-like vibe...

  3. Hey, do you think you can maybe reupload this one please ? If you want in exchange I can send you the album of Mahée Paiement, a host/model/actress from Quebec who made an album in 2000 under the name of Mahé :)

    1. It's been reupped. And thanks, but I already have Mahé's album. ;)


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