Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pressure Point Featuring Ronit - Take Me Tonight (1987)

Here is a little-known Canadian freestyle/house track that really must be heard. It has a very similar vibe to the electro house songs produced by the Komix crew (which includes previous postee Jillian Mendez) but with a more freestyle flavour. It was produced by Tzvi Erez, who was partly responsible for previous postee Patrick L. Myles' big hit "My Heart's On Fire", which was also released on Vincent Degiorgio's Power label. Degiorgio and Erez wrote the track with singer Ronit Benyovits. Love this track!

Download Take Me Tonight

Take Me Tonight (The Extended "L.O.V." Mix)
Take Me Tonight (The Novox Mix - Instrumental)
Take Me Tonight (Edit)


  1. . Here is something to post I actually found a cd of this 12 inch on ebay tears ago . I'll surprise you by letting you open it not knowing what it is , I know you'll love it .

  2. Thanks!! I actually do already have this, though! LOL But you definitely know my taste! I love Nancy!!!!

  3. Yeah this song takes me back , it was a fav of my first girlfriend and mine way back in the day , it's just a great summery feel kinda like Walking on Sunshine gotta love it

  4. Just found out about this killer track, any chance for a repost? Love it.


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