Friday, July 5, 2013

Never...But Always - Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (1988)

Well, it took awhile, but I'm back again with a few gems (thanks to Jeremy Kay for putting fire under my ass. LOL).  The first is a synthpop Hi-NRG number by the Canadian duo of brothers Steve & Kevin Dafoe, with some early assistance by Massimo Rosati.  Rosati was a prolific producer of Hi-NRG songs in Canada in the 1980s.  As Never...But Always (formerly known, interestingly, as En Vogue), the duo released three singles: "Never Enough" in 1986, this track in 1988, and "Too Good To Be True" in 1990.  This track was produced by Vincent Degiorgio, who worked with many other acts posted on this blog and the Isle blog, including Kim Esty, Eria Fachin, Fire & Ice, Patrick L. Myles, Pressure Point, Karen Silver and Fausta Monaco. The version of "Tonight" I'm posting was remixed by Barry Harris, then one half of synthpop duo Kon Kan, and later better known a remixer Thunderpuss.  "Tonight" sounds a lot like a Kon Kan song, and is reminiscent of similar synth boy duos of the time like Bros or Blue Mercedes.  It's an amazing dance song.  Enjoy!

Download Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You)

1 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Barry Harris Remix)
2 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (The Edit)
3 Tonight (Love Is Gonna Change You) (Music For Your Feet Mix)


  1. Hey! Thanks for the upload (and the shout-out!) Good tune. Hi-NRG always welcome.

  2. Great! Just an update for ya, Never but always is Steve Dafoe and Kevin Dafoe. Mo was an early part of the band for a short period only.

    1. Thanks Steve!! I've updated it. Glad you found this and approve. :)


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