Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spunkadelic - Boomerang (1990)

Here is a 12" I ripped awhile ago but forgot to post.  It is the second single from Spunkadelic's only album Spunk Junk, which I posted on The Isle.  It made a bigger splash than the first single off of the album, just denting the R&B charts in the US, though it is the best song on the album, IMO.  If you love pop-house, this is one for you.

Here is the video.

Download Boomerang

1 Boomerang (12" Boomer Beat)
2 Boomerang (12" Percapella)
3 Boomerang (7" Club)
4 Boomerang (Mega Bass Dub)
5 Boomerang (Club Instrumental)
6 Boomerang (7" Radio)


  1. Simply amazing. Yesterday, I found some mixes of the first single on a cassette I had recorded many years ago and transferred them to digital. And today you post this :-) Thanks.

  2. This is a new track for me ... and a groovy one at that. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. requesting a reup, sorry.. i think all the files hosted on sendspace are down


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