Friday, April 3, 2015

Alta Dustin - One Man Woman (1989)

Here is another artist whose album I featured on The Isle. This single is one of two she released prior to her album. Both this and "Tonite" were much more freestyle than most of the songs on the album, and unfortunately were not included.  Both were also produced by Tony Green, who worked closely with another Isle postee, Cindy Valentine.  Given that Alta later proudly came out, I wonder what she thinks of this track now, as she is no man's woman, and good on her! ;)

Download One Man Woman

1 One Man Woman (Clam Mix)
2 One Man Woman (7" Version)
3 One Man Woman (Clam Dub)
4 One Man Woman (Clam Edit)

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  1. requesting a reup, i think almost all the files you up ages before are down... hope to get them asap thanks ;)


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