Friday, May 8, 2015

Genuine Parts - I Don't Care For You (1987)

"I Don't Care For You" was the second single from freestyle act Genuine Parts, an act created by freestyle great Avy Gonzalez. Initially the act consisted of a duo of lovely ladies, Ivette and Diley. They released "Did It Feel Like Love" in 1986 and it became an instant freestyle classic. It even got them a deal with Atlantic Records. Despite its success, the two ladies were exchanged with a couple other singers, and a backup band was also included as part of the act.  "I Don't Care For You" and their other two singles, "Show Me (What To Do)" and "Start Our Love Again", were not as successful, and the band broke up.  I love this song, though it lacks the upbeat Latin tinge of "Did It Feel Like Love".

Download I Don't Care For You

1 I Don't Care For You (Club Mix)
2 I Don't Care For You (Radio Mix)
3 Give Me A Break (Dub)
4 I Don't Care For You (Original Mix)

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