Friday, June 26, 2015

2 Girls - Talk About Rockin' (1990)

Let me start by apologizing for the quality of this rip.  The record is incredibly scratched, so the tracks are very scratchy.  I tried to 'clean' them, but it made no difference.  If anyone else can properly clean them, and can send them back to me to repost, I'd appreciate it.  But I had to post this fun hip-house rarity anyway.  2 Girls were Brooklyn based Lissette Der and Cindy Patanella, who met while attending the American Musical & Dramatic Academy.  They were signed to Capitol, but after the single failed to hit, they were dropped and recorded nothing else. But at least they left behind this fun and bouncy hip hop ditty, which revolves around a sample from Weeks & Co.s "Rock Your World", and which features electro edits by the famous Omar Santana.

Download Talk About Rockin'

1 Talk About Rockin' (Extended Radio)
2 Talk About Rockin' (Get Wild Beats)
3 Talk About Rockin' (Radio)
4 Talk About Rockin' (R&B / Hip-House)
5 Talk About Rockin' (Oh Oh's Talking About Edits)
6 Talk About Rockin' (Perca Edits)

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