Friday, June 17, 2016

Anna G - G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (1990)

So, I FINALLY got to thinking about ripping something for this blog again, and this release was at the top of a pile. I figured a song as trashily delicious as this, a sort of euro-house/acid house hybrid, was perfect.  I had tried to find info on Anna G many years ago and came up empty. However, as I was ripping the record this past weekend, I realized that the lady on the cover looked oddly familiar.  Then I considered the name.  It finally occurred to me that Anna G is British beauty Anna Garcia!  I had never heard of Anna Garcia until recently, due to the unfortunate passing of my idol Prince. She was mentioned in an article about attendees of his memorial.  Apparently she dated and lived with him in the late 1980s, and he gave her the name Anna Fantastic. I immediately scoured the internet to find more info about her, shocked that I had never heard of her, considering how obsessed I was with all of Prince's 'women' as a young'un.  I found her on Facebook and saw a brief video clip she posted with her version of Isle postee Carmen Electra's amazing "Fantasia Erotica", shocked to discover that she co-wrote and recorded it first for a proposed female trio also called Anna Fantastic.  Further research revealed that she later joined another female group called La Switch, who released a couple of singles in 1995, "Kiss Me Baby" and "Never Let You Go!", and the dance music collective Positive Connextion.  It also revealed that in 1988 she had released a song, before she met Prince, using the moniker Sheree, the Italo-dance hit "Ronnie - Talk To Russia!", which I was already familiar with.  Even more bizarre, it was not a remake of the Prince track of the same name from his Controversy album, despite the fact that the title is so unique and political.  Perhaps it was somehow responsible for their introduction...  Anyway, I immediately became obsessed with her, regretting that I hadn't heard of her sooner, but thankful to Prince for once again introducing me to a beautiful and mysterious muse, just like he did in my tender years.  (She now occasionally still records - she released a jazz album in 2011 - and is a realtor in Beverly Hills. And still looks fabulous.) Fast forward to this past Saturday.  After ripping the record and relaying this whole story to my boyfriend, I check my Facebook the next day, and who do I get a Facebook friend invitation from but Anna Garcia herself?!  Bizarre coincidence, or divine Princely intervention?  Who knows?  But please enjoy. ;)

Download G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?)

1 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Energy Mix)
2 G'Ding - G'Ding (Beats & Trumpet)
3 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Raw Mix)
4 G'Ding - G'Ding (Do You Wanna Wanna?) (Wicked Mix)


  1. She's not from Great Britan: She's Dutch!

    1. That's what I thought, but everything I've read, including her Wikipedia, indicates that she was born in England and grew up in the Netherlands for a bit. If you have proof otherwise, please share. ;)


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