Friday, June 24, 2016

Banderas - She Sells (1991)

To commemorate the passing of the game changing Brexit in the UK (whether you are in favour or not), here is the remixes of the second single by British female synth-pop duo and Isle postees Banderas  The song itself almost hit the UK Top 40, reaching a frustrating #41.  The remixes are done by electronic rock group Apollo 440 and change the song up considerably, increasing the tempo and adding harder techno and house flourishes.  Much better than the original, IMO.

Here is the video for the original She Sells

Download She Sells

1 She Sells (Apollo 440 Edit)
2 She Sells (Digital Hardcore Mix)
3 She Sells (Alternative 7" Mix)
4 Why Aren't You In Love With Me?

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  1. Loved Banderas and I always thought it was a shame they never became a bigger deal.


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