Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pobi - Dance With Me (1988)

And yet another Canadian rarity. I featured Pobi's only album, released in 1993, some time ago on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars. But this was one of her first two releases in 1988. I saw her perform this on the old dance show Electric Circus and I bought it soon after. While her album is more eurohouse, this was a fantastic straight up pop-dance song. The house mix is quite haunting as well.

Download Dance With Me

Dance With Me (Dance Mix)
Dance With Me (Radio Mix)
Dance With Me (Club Mix)
Dance With Me (House Mix)


  1. Found this song on an old cassette, could you please upload it again? Thank you


REMEMBER to let me know if any links are down in the COMMENTS of whatever song you're looking for and I'll try to reup them ASAP. :)