Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fausta Monaco - Don't Give Up Our Love (1988)

And once again we have a mystery lady from Canada. I do remember Fausta performing this track on Electric Circus. It was released on the hi-NRG Power label, and remixed by it's founder Vincent Degiorgio, though it is more of a freestyle track. It's very similar to the works of Nancy Martinez, and also includes a nice house mix by the K. Bros. I believe that this was Fausta's only single.

Download Don't Give Up Our Love

Don't Give Up Our Love (Vince's Mix)
Don't Give Up Our Love (Mark's Mix)
Don't Give Up Our Love (K. Bros. House Mix)
Don't Give Up Our Love (Vince's Dub Mix)
Don't Give Up Our Love (Bonga Conga Instrumental)


  1. She's got a good set of pipes, that's a shame there wasn't anything else to come if true. I take it the song flopped? forex expert</a is good?

  2. I heard she took her own life.

    1. she did unfortunatey take her own life, she was too young to die.

  3. She was my girlfriend in my grade 13 year of high school (1979-80) in Toronto. I didn't know she had passed. I was just doing a search to see what she was up to. Man, that is so sad. She was a beautiful person.

  4. maybe a reup of this track? :) I find so much great stuff here Im overwhelmed...


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