Friday, September 10, 2010

Queen B - Red Top Hot Shot (1989)

Queen B was a British duo comprised of Belinda Lee (nee Leith) and Ray Kovacs. This was their only single, and though it was given a huge push in the UK, it was not a hit. Plans for an album were scrapped and the two broke up. The duo Shampoo would have greater success with this punk-pop sound a few years later. Belinda later joined the alt-rock group Daisy Chainsaw, replacing the lead singer. It is rumoured that the original Queen B songs have recently gotten a publisher behind them, so perhaps we'll hear more soon.

Here is the video which also includes an interview.

Download Red Top Hot Shot

Red Top Hot Shot (Lead-Free Mix)

Red Top Hot Shot



  1. This reminds me of Transvision Vamp.

  2. A great blast from the past, I took my son to see Queen B at the Radio 1 Road Show at Doncaster, I was the oldest there...

  3. Loved this one at the time, and for me its legend is only enhanced by the way it never really made a public impression and stands as the only release they made.

    Also saw Belinda storm off stage during a Daisy Chainsaw gig in Liverpool with about a dozen people in the audience, just confirming her status as failed rock icon for me. I'm sure she'd rather be an industry trillionaire now, but the way it worked out is the way of credibility at least :)

  4. The reason it got nowhere despite the big push by the label and all the TV appearances by Belinda is very simple-IT WAS CRAP!

    A lame Transvision Vamp impersonation at best and popitis inducing rubbish also....

    How I HATED IT!!!

    And the Public had the final say of course.

  5. Wow - thanks for this.... and your new blog (I've just stumbled on it doing a search for this song... now favourited!) I had this on cassette single and was looking for it to use as my ringtone - wicked :)

  6. man i just came across my vinyl of this and still sounds good its new year and i will be playing it tonight happy dayz

  7. came across the on vinyl and still sounds great gonna play it tonight for new year

  8. could someone repost this please?

  9. wow this must be the most beautiful music in the world, perfect pop.

  10. All of the download links are dead :( would you mind re-uploading this once again? I love this track.

  11. File has expired please reup new server

  12. Hi there, loving your blogs. Any chance of a re-use?


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