Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Exception - Jump With It (1986)

This is another of those imports that I picked up from a dollar bin back in the day. I know nothing about Exception other than that the song was written and produced by British production trio Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who would later go on to release their own songs under monikers like Spider, Circuit and Mann. (Perhaps this was just another moniker.) They had their greatest success many years after this as trippy soul act Innocence, which was fronted by Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars featured artist, Gee Morris. This is one of their earliest works, and is clearly made to sound like a Stock, Aitken and Waterman song, especially something by Mel & Kim. It was even released on Mel & Kim's SAW based label, Supreme (that's SAW act Princess' hand you see on the sleeve). One other song was released by Exception, "Slap You Back", which appeared on the Mona Lisa soundtrack the same year, and it's unsurprisingly reminiscent of something by Princess.

Download Jump With It

Jump With It (High St. Mix)

Jump With It (7" Radio Version)

Jump With It (The Camden Dub Mix)


  1. Thanks for this. I thought I heard everything from the 80s but you prove me wrong! Excellent track. Now I need to find everything JHJ made in the mid 80s.

  2. Glad you dig it! You can start here. ;)


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