Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Regina - Head On (1986)

I did a post on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars early last year on Regina, the lady who had one big hit with the Madonna-esque "Baby Love" in 1986. As I mentioned, two other singles were released off of her album Curiosity, and here is the extended mixes of one of them. "Head On" is very similar to "Baby Love". This mix is very sample-heavy, repeating spoken bits from the song and even having a track, "One Minute Of Head", dedicated to the "Head" in the title.

Download Head On

Head On (Vocal 12" Mix)
Head On (Vocal Dub Mix)
One Minute Of Head


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  2. hey there any chance of re-upping regina???? thankyou:P

  3. Any chance of a re-up please, I missed this one. Thanks in advance.


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