Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shirley Lewis - (You Used To Be) Romantic (1988)

I did a post on Shirley Lewis on The Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars some time ago, and mentioned that this single preceded her album on A&M Records and likely led to her album deal. It does not appear on the album, but would have fit well with its poppier side. As my friend Max pointed out, it is a remake of the Jo Joe song from 1987 and is very similar, not surprising considering it was produced by the same team of Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who also wrote it. The remixes here dance it up a bit.

Here is the video.

Download (You Used To Be) Romantic

(You Used To Be) Romantic (Some Like It Hot Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (The Hot & Bothered Remix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Romancing The Street Mix)
(You Used To Be) Romantic (Terrific Dub)


  1. Hey, this Shirley Lewis link seems dead... is there anywhere else I can get it?


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