Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Suzie And The Cubans - I Feel It (1987)

Back again, finally. :)  I really don't know much about this track, other than that it was written by German-American dance producer extraordinaire Jurgen Korduletsch, Colombian-American freestyle producer extraordinaire Carlos Berrios and Brazilian-American remixer extraordinaire Tuta Aquino, with the A-Side being produced by Korduletsch and mixed by all three.  It is a classic house number, with "Suzie" repeating the title over a deep house beat and a piano riff.  The Makumba Mix and Double Dub add some chanting vocals repeating "Makumba a oh", which gives it a tribal feel.  However, the standout is the Construction Medley, whose production is credited to William Berrios (Carlos' brother?) and remixed by "The Cubans".  It removes the "Makumba"'s and instead samples bits of classic house songs, too many to mention here, but if you're a true house fan you should know many of them and dig this 10 minute entrancer.

Download I Feel It

1 I Feel It (Makumba Mix)
2 I Feel It (Double Dub)
3 I Feel It (Construction Medley)


  1. Another new one for me but I'm enjoying it, too. Thanks!

  2. Rare find! Not heard this before. The Construction Medley is indeed a "standout". Many thanks for sharing. Great blog too!


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