Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Rosa Korbet ‎– Love On The Run (1989)

Here is another Canadian Hi-NRG production by a man who has appeared quite a bit on Lost Pop Treasures, Vincent Degiorgio.  It has an upbeat pop vocal with a lot of percussion.  As for Rosa Korbet, I know nothing about her other than that she appeared in a small role in a movie called Fireballs, and this was her only single.  I remember seeing her perform this on the local Toronto dance show Electric Circus, and think I might have that performance on video somewhere.  Maybe once day I'll post it on Youtube.  Till then, enjoy!

Download Love On The Run

1 Love On The Run (The Bombshell Mix)
2 Love On The Run (The Bombshell Edit)
3 Love On The Run (The Rrrrremix)
4 Love On The Run (The Dubbage Mix)

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  1. I've always been curious about this one. Thanks for letting me get to hear it.


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