Friday, May 23, 2014

The Reynolds Girls - Get Real (1989)

Liverpudlian sisters Linda and Aisling Reynolds has a huge hit in the UK in 1989 with the divisive "I'd Rather Jack", a Stock, Aitken & Waterman produced song that criticized the stuffy old music critics and DJs who snubbed the current pop music.  Despite its hit status, the girls were dropped from the PWL label, likely due to the contempt the single generated.  They quickly formed their own label and released "Get Real", a similarly poppy house track.  It was a total bomb and the girls disappeared, though sister Linda eventually had a brief stint in a truly horrible euro-house band, Hype.  I think "Get Real" should have been a hit too, however.

Download Get Real

1 Get Real
2 Get Real (Hip House Radio Edit)

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  1. I think they were originally signed for a one-single deal with PWL, who were keen to record a follow-up; but their working relationship quickly soured with Pete Waterman after the girls refused to cancel a holiday cruise trip they had booked so that they could record a follow-up. What a shame!

    I wonder if a video was ever made for 'Get Real'? It's on my holy grail list of videos to find - if it exists.

    I didn't know about Linda's contribution to Hype.


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