Friday, January 30, 2015

Lady Peachena - Save Me (1986)

I remember picking this track up brand new back in the day simply because of the artist name.  LOL Little did I know it was a super-soulful, upbeat dance workout.  Needless to say, I was very pleased.  Only after I researched the artist recently did I realize that the song was a gospel tune, however. It seems obvious now...  Anyway, Lady Peachena is Peachena Eure from New York, who previously worked with P-funk group Quazar.  After that she turned to gospel music, and "Save Me" deservedly ended up breaking into the dance charts in the secular world after being remixed by George Rodriguez.  It was off of her album Sincerely Yours, and she has kept recording and performing gospel since.

Download Save Me

1 Save Me (Vocal / Dance Mix)
2 Save Me (Dub Version)
3 Save Me (A Capella Version)
4 Save Me (A Capella With Big Bonus Beats)

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