Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Adele Bertei - When It's Over (1985)

I featured Adele Bertei's one solo album from 1988 on the Isle Of Deserted Pop Stars some time ago. Before she moved into that adult contemporary sound, she released a couple of solo dance singles. She released the Thomas Dolby produced "Build A Bridge" in 1983, and this was her follow up. It was produced in part by David Gamson and Fred Maher of popular Brit new wave group Scritti Politti and also features vocals by their frontman Green Gartside, so it sounds a lot like a Scritti Politti track. She would go on to do featured vocals on dance hits by Jellybean and Arthur Baker, and also explore other musical avenues.

Here's the video

Download When It's Over

When It's Over (Dance Mix)

When It's Over (Metal Mix)

Every Little Bit Hurts


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